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Bonnie Bitters
Información General
Género: Femenino
Edad: Aprox. 70 años
Color de Cabello: Canoso
Color de Ojos: Azules
Ocupacion(es): Desconocida
Alias: Sra. Bitters
Familia & Amigos
Familia: Reginald Bitters (Hijo)
Información de la Serie
Primera aparición: Big Time Moms
Última aparición: Big Time Moms
Interpretado Por: Peggy Miley

Bonnie Bitters is Reginald Bitters' mother .


According to her son Bitters , Bonnie is a very kind and sweet woman, which is why he never told his mother that he had spent all his college money on a girl who then dumped him when she ran out. Not wanting to disappoint her, Bitters told her that he was a vet and had a wife and son, when in fact he was a manager at the Palm Woods Hotel and had no family.

Big Time Rush[]

Big Time Moms[]

On Mother's Day, Bonnie went to Palm Woods to visit her son, Bitters . Bitters had told him that he was a veterinarian and had a wife and son, when in fact he was the manager of the Palm Woods Hotel. The reason for that was because according to Bitters, her mother was a very kind and sweet woman and she didn't want to disappoint her. Bitters was helped by Katie and Buddha Bob to continue the charade, but Bonnie eventually found out about the matter. However, she did not get mad at her son and told him that she was happy for him.


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